bridal set

bridal set


wedding set

wedding set

  Unique handmade wedding set wich includes ring bearer pillow,tiara,garter,all of them handcrochet with silk thread and pearls embroidery.Image,

pink cardigan

          Cozy pink cardigan,good for cold evenings,a nice overcoat for a special occasion.Image

newborn set

   A white newborn set,an ideal gift for a little loved one,a way to wish welcome home.Image,

warm and cozy overcoat

          An overcoat,will keep the little one warm,it is a set with the bonnet,knitted with baby bouclee, has a cat termoresistant aplication and white lace.

The little princess will look gorgeous in it.


twinkle,twinkle little star

Twinkle,twinkle little star,do you know how loved you are?

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Delicate and charming dress,white cotton yarn with silver shade,rose buds,organza and little silver star applications.

It would be lovely for any special occasion,for the little star who appear in our life.

Twinkle,twinkle little star……………

decorative cushion

Decorative little cushion,a panda bear,it is something wrong with his eyes but I thought it can be fun as well.So I left them how they are.

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